As a family company, we started our operations in 1980 in Isparta mainly for employment to our country in terms of construction sector having been successful for many years and it has been progressing in the marble and natural stone sector with confident and decisive steps without compromising quality products and  signing successful projects in many points of the world.

Travertine and marble, which are the gift of the nature to human beings, present the usage in the living spaces by working with the latest technology Italian and Turkish machines. NR MARBLE company presents modernism and aesthetics together with all the designers with their products that can be used easily both interior and exterior.

From quarry to your project;

NR MARBLE is an integrated corporation with its own quarries and factory,implementing the latest production technology.

We have been producing 200.000 m2 travertine tiles and 100.000 m2 slabs annually in factory with Big Machine Park that 4 gang saws , 2 bridge cutting,automatic slab polishing and slab cutting line. 

The main principle of our company is customer satisfaction. Our purpose for this is to accurately determine the customer demands, to supply the same quality products and services continuously and fast, and to present our customers who are our family member with reliable Turkish natural stone.